CODIX is an international software company, which has developed iMX – the event-driven enterprise management system. iMX is an innovative blend of technologies, enabling all the business processes to be managed within a single technical structure that can easily be parameterized to meet each company’s specific needs. That makes it the leading software in several industries.

iMX is the global, powerful and flexible IT solution that provides an all-in-one package for any kind of commercial finance activity: factoring (traditional/reverse/domestic/international/etc.), invoice discounting, ABL, supply chain finance, leasing, and credit insurance. With full multi-lingual and multi-currency abilities, and based on the latest available technologies, iMX includes all the most advanced business functionalities to cover the needs of a commercial finance company. It also includes native integration of all the tools needed to improve global productivity like Extranet, Telephony, Imaging and a decisional environment.

CODIX now operates in 12 countries – USA, France, Bulgaria, Canada, Tunisia, Vietnam, Mexico, Spain, Germany, Czech Republic, Romania and Colombia. Company's top-level multi-disciplinary team of over 750 professionals is dedicated to the implementation, maintenance and constant evolution of the company’s unique product – iMX. The software is currently used in 28 languages by more than 50.000 users in 50+ countries.

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